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Two of the best bartenders in the world gives "class" - 14-15 October - Old Capi Center

Two of the best bartenders in the world gives "class" - 14-15 October - Old Capi Center
Wednesday and Thursday, 14 and 15 November, starting at 20:00 at Café Freddo (the Old Town, St. Smardan no. 24), will be bartending national finals Romania Kuyper Cup 2012, after which it will designate the best bartenders in the country.

Conducted since 2005 by Heinrig Distribution (distributor Kuyper brand in Romania) and produced by professional bartenders agency Exquisite Bar Solutions, competition is for professional bartenders top Romanian hospitality.

De Kuyper Cup Romania is held annually to select the best junior bartender bartender and best of show.

The competition has two categories of industry specific "Mixology" (mixology - the art of mixing drinks), and "Flair" (art bartending show - involving techniques and movements in handling tools bar and beverage bottles).

Bartending competition takes place in three stages:
October 20 to November 11 - Phase preselection, held online on www.dekuyper.ro/2012, which consists in making a video that shows the competitor bartender mixed drink or a flair routine, depending on the category to which they subscribe;

November 11 - Selection and announcement of the Competition website of the 16 finalists (each 8 for each of the two categories of competition). Choosing the finalists is made by a panel of specialists from Romanian and international hospitality industry;

Final of "mixology" will include two tests:
- Speed ​​Mix (cooking speed) qualifying test. The competitor must achieve three drinks recipes imposed on the jury, as soon as possible, applying correct techniques of preparation. Drinks will include at least one of Kuyper and alcoholic base (vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila). Check sample capacity of a professional bartender to prepare the perfect beverage with high efficiency.

- Original Mix final sample. 8 minutes competitor is at your disposal to prepare a mixed drink, own creation, in three identical copies. During the test, the competitor will be given orally achievement drink.

Thursday, November 15, there is the final category "Flair" and it will include two tests:
- "Head to Head", qualifying test. The 8 finalists, the best bartenders of "flair" in Romania, will participate in a 1-1 battle, after which it will determine the order of the contestants for the final test category "Working & Exhibition". Competitors will be called by two on stage. Test will be conducted as a duel. Each contestant will have 3 rounds of 30 seconds to demonstrate skills.

- "Working & Exhibition" final sample. The competitor must prepare two drinks, in time of 6 minutes, using the techniques of working and exhibition flair (simple and complex movements manipulation of bar tools and liquor bottles)

The role of the competition is to recognize Romanian bartenders professionalism by awarding top specialists in both sections, "mixology" and "Flair".

Finals winners by category will be awarded on the night of November 15, as follows:
• mixology

1st place - 500 EUR
2nd place - 400 EUR
3rd place - 250 EUR
4th place - 150 EUR

• Flair
1st place - 500 EUR
2nd place - 400 EUR
3rd place - 250 EUR
4th place - 150 EUR

De Kuyper Cup entry in Romania 2012 is based on reservation at Café Freddo, tel: 0722,373,336, mailto: rezervari@freddo.ro

Bartender Queen of England and the Crown Prince of Bahrain to Bucharest
Two of the best bartenders in the world of hospitality personalities, Arno van Eijmeren and Nicolas Saint-Jean will attend Kuyper Cup Contest Romania 2012, as jurors, and the "showmen".

Trainer with extensive experience in the art of "mixologiei" Arno van Eijmeren (34, Netherlands) has directed over 3000 bartenders from around the world and created numerous recipes for cocktails worldwide brands. Since 2007, Arno van Eijmeren is brand ambassador Kuyper. Arno will be present in the final jury Romania Category mixology For Kuyper Cup 2012, held on November 14. He also shows his virtuosity in mixology demonstrations in the preparation of mixed drinks.

Nicolas Saint-Jean (38, France) is an expert in "flair bartending". He is the creator of the concept of "Flair Head to Head" (1-1 duels between bartenders). St Nicolas. Jean has won numerous international competitions including: Road House Grand Finals - England, World Flair Bartending Championship - USA, International Bar Flair Competition - Norway. In addition, it demonstrated what "flair bartending" Queen of England and the Crown Prince of Bahrain. On 15 November, Nicolas will lead the jury category "Flair" to De Kuyper Cup Romania 2012 and make a show that will bring demonstrations that made him famous worldwide.

About Heinrig Distribution:
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About De Kuyper:

With over 300 years experience, De Kuyper Royal Distillers is still a family business, and one of the leading companies worldwide. De Kuyper is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages internationally and offers a range of 36 bar liqueurs appreciated worldwide. Thus, every year it produces more than 50 million bottles and experts worldwide company are to provide the hospitality industry creative ideas for its own range of cocktails.

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